News of company BioVitrum

BioVitrum presents Aperio telemedical innovation technologies

October 16, 2009 under the frame of the 10th Annual Conference dedicated to Information Technologies in Medicine, Elizaveta Razvarina, manager of telepathology and microscopy sector, BioVitrum, will give a report on "Telemedical Technologies in Pathology". The presentation will be supported by Aperio, a world leader in the field of telepathology.

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8th Birthday of BioVitrum Company

On July 27, 2009 BioVitrum Company is 8! The period is not worth mentioning from the historical point of view, but for us it is the Epoch. BioVitrum started from the group of professionals inspired by the idea to update medical and biological laboratories, and now the Company is one of the major leaders of Russian medical and biological market with the network of branches (Moscow, Astana (Kazakhstan)) and sales representatives in Russian and CIS cities (Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Alma-Aty (Kazakhstan) and with a wide production range.

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Roche and BioVitrum join their efforts in Roche Tissue Diagnostics (former Ventana trademark) products promotion in Russia.

Roche Group through Roche-Moscow, Roche Corporate Headquarters and European branch of Roche Tissue Diagnostics (formerVentana Medical Systems) have signed long-term agreement with BioVitrum delegating exclusive rights for Roche Tissue Diagnostics products sales and marketing in Russia to BioVitrum.

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The Successful Third Convention of Russian Society of Pathologists

The third conference of RSP and specialized equipment exhibition took place at the premises of Samara State Medical University on 26 – 30 May 2009.

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BioVitrum - BioGenex collaboration is finished

BioVitrum - BioGenex stop mutual collaboration on distribution BioGenex products for IHC at Russian and former CIS-countries markets.

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Equipping of the Republican forensic medical examination bureau completed April 3, 2009 in Yakutsk

BioVitrum undertook complete equipping of the bureau mortuary and supplied a Sakura DRS 2000 multistainer and a Sakura TEC 5 Embedding System for histological laboratory.

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BioVitrum - Facultatieve Technologies exclusive collaboration in Russia and CIS

BioVitrum will focus on development of Russian sales of incineration line of products manufactured by Facultatieve Technologies (UK), world market leader in the field of design, construction and maintenance of cremators and incineration equipment.

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Long history of Sakura in histological laboratories in Russia

Japanese company Sakura is one of the world leading manufacturers of histologic equipment. There, perhaps, hardly exists a laboratory in any developed country around the globe equipped up-to-date and not having an instrument by this manufacturer.

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BioVitrum Ltd has been given "Attractive employer - 2008" title
As a consequence of research on (the most popular web site for searching vacancies and personnel in Russia) BioVitrum Ltd was declared as one of the top 100 "Attractive employer – 2008".
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Biovitrum presentation for polyclinic personal in Moscow

Biovitrum sale representative Igor Denisov made a presentation for medical personal of Moscow municipal polyclinic labs at 27 February 2009. His presentation showed the audience BioVitrum offers in equipment and consumables for laboratories.

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