MacroImaging Station ePath


Auxiliary device for the stage of macroscopic study of biopsy (operational) material ePath - macroimaging & macrodescription solution for digital pathology cases or routine pathology tests.

ePath designed for documentation of grossing and description procedure through high-resolution images, video and audio files. System also supports remote on-line access to the case editing mode (for instance, from LIS work station) for simultaneous work of pathologist and pathologist’s assistant during grossing and macrodescription step.

All files received during macroscopic study are saved and stored in ePath data base. This base with case files is available to the pathologists at any time, allowing to expand pathology reports with macro imaging & macro description info.

ePath software features:

  • new cases creation and LIS integration for sharing clinical data
  • automated calibration for different sized specimens
  • automated sizing/area of specimens
  • annotation and free-hand drawings
  • pre-made template for macrodescription
  • voice recognition module



1. ePath:

  • Control monoblock:
  • touch screen monitor
  • pedal block
  • barcode scanner
  • USB microphone


2. Digital camera