BioVitrum`s history


Opened a representative office in Bryansk (Russia)

Signed an agreement with the government of the Leningrad region on the development of industrial infrastructure


Implementation of successful projects for equipping pathology departments in Serbia and Uzbekistan

Launch of the first production of histological and biopsy cassettes in Russia


Entered the top three exporters of the year in St. Petersburg

Award of the Government of St. Petersburg "Best Innovative Product" for ePath 2.0 macro imaging system for pathology


Award of the Government of St. Petersburg "For the quality of products, works and services"

Award of the Government of St. Petersburg "Best Innovative Product" for “Histomix” paraffin media

Expansion of the company's warehouse in St. Petersburg


Helped to develop the first educational laboratories using Nikon light microscopes, together with the partner Nikon Europe

Reached further partnership agreement with the president of Nikon Instruments Europe, Sumio Eimori

CELL MARQUE – a new partner – producer of antibodies and consumables for IHC

Installed the first Andor Revolution WD in Russia

Opened with the Alferov Fund a new branch of "Life Science" to provide grants for the development of Science and Education

Named Best Performing Distributor of Sakura Europe for 2013

Participated in more than 30 scientific events with reports, presentations of products and workshops


40% increase in turnove

Defined 4 main areas of business: Morphology, Microscopy, Microbiology, Molecular & Cell Biology

Organized an entertainment for the young patients of Raisa Gorbacheva Memorial Institute of Children Hematology and Transplantation

Participated in over 45 events & workshops


Won 70% of tenders for Government Oncology Projects

Quality control management added to our distribution service

Microbiology and Sterilization market penetration

Branch Office added in Novosibirsk, Russia to handle the eastern part of Russia

Won the sailing regatta Land Rover Cup 2010

Attracted leading business consultants to make our workflow more efficient


Won 50% of tenders for Government Oncology Projects

R&D Department added to assist in developing new markets and new technologies

Product Specialist Group added for their product expertise and to be the core of our business

Agreement with Roche Group on exclusive rights for Roche Tissue Diagnostics products sales and marketing in Russia

Immunohistohemistry and Cytology market penetration

Award "Attractive employer - 2008" title

Implemented CRM system to improve quality of customer service


100% Turnover Growth

Award of the Distributor of the Year by Sakura

Mortuary and Microscopy market penetration

Kazakhstan office added in Astana. Growth of CIS sales


Regional expansion across Russia and CIS countries begins

Marketing department added as our distribution service expands

Large warehouse added due to heavy growth of our consumables turnover

Customer Service department added as business grows and we become more customer-oriented


Moscow Head Office added

Launched manufacturing of histology stains


BioVitrum begins to expand

First independent penetration of Histology market

Technical support service added to our distribution service


First ERP and business engineering system implemented in order to standardize and streamline our workflow


Began our manufacturing unit with ready to use embedding media for histology


BioVitrum founded in St. Petersburg with Logistics and Sales departments