Tissue Marking Dyes

BioVitrum – the Russian leading innovative manufacturer for Pathology diagnostic since 2001.

We are proud to inform you that we have received CE IVD. All is produced by our manufacturer Ergoproduction LLCAttached you will find the scan of this certificate.

Download file:

  1. Declaration of conformity Tissue marking dyes
  2. Declaration of conformity TMD Tissue marking dyes

BioVitrum expertise:

  • High competences in Pathology
  • World-class R&D center
  • High-tech manufacturing facilities
  • Strong quality control system from raw materials to final products


BioVitrum Tissue Marking Dyes:

  • 7 colors: blue, green, black, red, yellow, orange, violet
  • Brightness under the microscope
  • May be applied both for fresh and formalin fixed tissue samples
  • Quickly fixed without special chemical agents
  • No toxic components
  • Multicolor kits and separated colors are available
  • Different volume size
  • Reasonable price


BioVitrum Tissue Marking Dyes may be used:

  • during grossing: to mark surgical margins and special areas of interest
  • for small biopsies: to make them visible in paraffin block
  • for identification of serial biopsies
  • during Mohs micrographic surgery: as color-codes for Mohs map



BioVitrum Tissue Marking Dye, black
BioVitrum Tissue Marking Dye, blue
BioVitrum Tissue Marking Dye, green
BioVitrum Tissue Marking Dye, red
BioVitrum Tissue Marking Dye, yellow
BioVitrum Tissue Marking Dye, orange
BioVitrum Tissue Marking Dye, violet


Also available: kits with all range of colors.