Why Is a Support System So Important in Russia?

Due to the geographic and informational isolation of many medical institutions in Russia new technologies and innovations take longer to be integrated into the workflow of a laboratory or hospital.  With Russia’s national “Health” modernization program the budget for healthcare has doubled with over 6 billion USD being spent on upgrades in 2011 alone.  Around 80% of the market is supplied with equipment produced outside of Russia.  This means that in many laboratories and hospitals, modern hi-tech equipment is being installed and used for the first time.  This is why a support system, both application and technical, is so important in a distributor-client relationship.  

With many distribution companies their application support consists of plugging in the equipment and hoping everything will be okay.   Which in turn means the products will probably sit unused in the laboratories collecting dust.  Distributors need to be 100% sure that the users understand the instrument and the concept of the technology.  In some cases this means starting with the absolute basics of the new equipment and technology and helping them through the whole process of using a new product.  As well users need to be confident that their distributor provides efficient and expert technical support.  When new technology is in new hands there’s always the possibility of problems arising.  If a distributor does not back up their sale with effective technical support the client relationship will be strained. 

Below are the results of a survey we conducted titled “Important factors when choosing a distributor”: 


Figure 1. Taken from a sample of 900 laboratories (70% of the general population)

As you can see a company’s support service is in the top 3 most important factors for a client when choosing a distributor.  BioVitrum’s professional technicians are stationed throughout our territory in order to efficiently handle all problems that arise.  And most importantly we make sure they are experts in the technology we provide:


  • We always request that they be trained directly at our suppliers facilities
  • Our technicians always have a strong background in biomedical engineering

And BioVitrum is proud to announce that on May 23, 2012, BioVitrum’s service engineers, headed by Oleg Grevtsov, received the 2011 Distributor Service Award from the European division of Sakura Tissue-Tek.  BioVitrum's clients called our technical support the "fastest service reaction".  We understand the importance of quality technical support, guarantee and post warranty service, and the speed of answering inquiries.  We are glad that our diligence in constantly improving our work in this direction has been highly appreciated by our clients and partners.


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