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  • The Ministry of Education and Science plans to spend 6.5B Euros from 2013 to 2020 for the DEVELOPMENT Of SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGIES

The Ministry of Education and Science plans to spend 6.5B Euros from 2013 to 2020 for the DEVELOPMENT Of SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGIES

In the last decade one of the priorities of the Ministry of Education and Science has been to solve the problems of development and realization of the countries intellectual potential which arose in the unstable environment of the 90’s. 

Here are some examples of the work in this direction:

In 2005 the main directions of the Russian policy for development of scientific innovation until 2010 was created, in 2006, the strategy of scientific and innovative development until 2015 was accepted.  

In 2011 the strategy of innovative development for the period until 2020, in which restoring Russia’s leading position on global science was accepted.  At the beginning of 2012 concrete actions and budgetary allotments furthering this policy of scientific and technological development were adopted to make Russia’s research and development centers more globally competitive. 

Steps have been taken to organize large national educational research centers, the first of which is the Kurchatovsky institute.  As well work on the development of scientific infrastructure in Russia is being conducted:  support and development of a network of national educational centers for the use of innovative scientific equipment, unique scientific installations, and the realization of projects and installations in the “Mega Science” area. 

Russia’s state program “DEVELOPMENT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGIES” for 2013-2020 has announced the following logical steps for realizing the designated strategic objectives. 

The main objectives of the program are the formation of a competitive and effective sector of research and development and give it a leading role in the technological modernization of the Russian economy.

One of the main steps of this program is the creation of 5-7 national research centers and support for the formation of 20-30 research universities. 

The entire program will be realized in 3 stages:

The I stage - 2013;

The II stage - 2014-2017;

The III stage - 2018-2020. 

The expected total amount of federal financing for the Program from 2013 to 2020 will be over 6.5B euros (6,519,119,028). 

The main resources of the program will be concentrated on the priority directions of developing science and equipment, namely:

- support of competitive advantages of hi-tech industries of the Russian economy (nuclear, aerospace and others);

- providing branches of the economy to guarantee the development of internal demand for innovations (medicine, an agrocomplex, transport, power, construction and others); 


Goals of this state program in developing the innovative research and development sectors for 2013-2020: 

• Upgrading this sphere to be on the same level as other leading global scientific economies, to include a high extent of international cooperation, and promote these key developments on a worldwide level. 

• Create an accurate system (within real financial possibilities) to connect and integrate the priorities of the applied research and development sector with the different branches of the economy. The personnel and material resources for these priorities will be provided and allotted by demand to the different branches of the scientific economy. On patent activity Russia will be included into a number of global leaders. The considerable part of the intellectual property created within the program will be used within different license agreements. 

• Creating a network of universities possessing world-level competences in the sphere of fundamental science and applied research and development. 

• The uniform infrastructure of the research and development sector, including a network of national centers fostering the most demanded directions of scientific and technological development. 

In the past months the team of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia was completely updated:

On May 21 Dmitry Livanov, rector of Moscow State University was appointed Minister of Education and Science.  On July 5, 2012 Mr. Livanov presented the new team of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia.  By the end of July the new Public Council of the Ministry (whose first meeting is planned for the end of August) will be created. 

We sincerely believe that the new team of the Ministry of Education and Science will succeed with their strategic objectives of developing Russian science and technologies. 

This article was prepared by materials of the official site of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia