Reorganization of Medical Education in Russia

The minister of public health Veronica Skvortsov described a plan for the reorganization of medical education in Russia.  

Out of 46 higher medical institutions existing right now in Russia, 12 will be restructured by 2016.  

The government and budget commission affirmed the creation on the premises of VUZ (Institute of Higher Education) of world-class scientific-educational clusters. In these new types of educational institutions there will be testing laboratories for medicines, including on animals.  

The reorganization of these higher medical schools must be divided in terms of categories, as a result of which are expected cadre transpositions, reductions and the change of personnel. Some educational institutions will be connected to larger ones, as occurred with the Five-Mountain Pharmaceutical Academy, which was "assimilated” into the Volgograd medical school.  

These changes have been initiated in order to raise the quality of medical education, by which the government has thus far not been extremely sufficient.