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  • Putin has proposed that the reforms of the Russian Academy of Sciences be frozen for a year.

Putin has proposed that the reforms of the Russian Academy of Sciences be frozen for a year.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed a moratorium for a year regarding the decisions about the property and personnel of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS).  According to the president, during the year the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations (FANO), which is in charge of the RAS will be able to "sort out slowly" the proposed amendments to the RAS in order to organize it as it should be and allocate assets in the proper way.  He also said "that during the year all solutions weren't taken into consideration and that there was the possibility of irreparable loss if a decision was made too hastily." 
How exactly the moratorium should proceed and when it should begin, the president did not say .
Putin said that after the moratorium an RAS Presidium and FANO will jointly manage the organization of RAS, and that "If it becomes apparent that a particular scientific asset is not being implementing effectively then the resources will go to the development of science itself." 
Putin also said that RAS president Vladimir Fortov will play "a key role " in personnel matters as the Head of the commission of the Presidential Council for Science .
In the near future, according to Putin, the Head of FANO Michael Kotyukov should form a unit of agencies using the "human potential of the Academy of Sciences, which for that time should be engaged in organization, asset management and so on ."
The reforms of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which caused strong protests from scientists, began after its entry into law in late September. It involves the merger of the three academies (Academy of Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Medical Sciences), and the transfer of assets and institutions under the jurisdiction of FANO (the position of the agency was approved at the end of October.) Initially, Putin proposed that Fortov lead theagency , but eventually the post went to the former Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Mikhail Kotyukov .
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