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  • BioVitrum took part in the XI Plenum of the Russian Society of Pathologists

BioVitrum took part in the XI Plenum of the Russian Society of Pathologists

From May 31 to June 1, 2019, the XI Plenum of the Russian Society of Pathologists was held in Samara. The event took place at the Samara State Medical University and brought together more than 200 specialists from all over Russia.

The Plenum program included the issues of clinical, pathological and legal aspects of iatrogenic, as well as problems of discrepancies between diagnoses and medical errors. The opening ceremony was attended by the First Vice-President of the Russian Society of Pathologists, the chief freelance specialist on pathological anatomy of the Ministry of Health of Russia, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ph.D., Professor G.А. Frank and other officials.

The Plenum reports touched upon both purely medical issues and legal aspects of the pathologists’ activities. Iatrogeny was a separate topic for discussion - the deterioration of a person’s physical or emotional state, unintentionally provoked by a medical professional. Special attention was paid to the ratio of iatrogenic, medical errors and defects in providing of medical care in modern practice.

The specialists reviewed the clinical-anatomical comparisons and expert function of the anatomical pathology service. An important issue, the possibility of insurance medicine in assessing the quality of medical care was also discussed.

Within the framework of the Plenum, there was held the profile commission meeting on the specialty “Pathological Anatomy” of the Ministry of Health of Russia. The issues concerned the analysis of the state and development of the anatomical pathology service in Russia in 2018. Particular attention was paid to discussing the process of developing the clinical guidelines of the Russian society of pathologists.

There was held a workshop for histological laboratory technicians. The school program covered both the basic principles of the sample preparation process, and the presentation of modern technologies, specific approaches and recommendations on the histological process. The specialist of BioVitrum, Ksenia Volovik (application service) was among the speakers of the school.

Over 17 years of work and development in the field of anatomical pathology allowed BioVitrum specialists to accumulate extensive experience and knowledge. Now this knowledge is used both in developing of modern IT solutions and improving of products for routine processes, as well as in the transfer of the experience to laboratory technicians within the framework of schools. Ksenia made a presentation on “Histological stains. Basic principles”. Ksenia revealed the features of different types of histological stains and gave useful recommendations to laboratory technicians.

At the BioVitrum booth, Russian-made reagents and consumables were presented: kits for histology routine and special staining, ready-to-use homogenized high-class paraffin media for histology Histomix and Mr.Wax, Vitrogel mounting media and much more. All these reagents are actively used in the anatomical pathology departments throughout Russia and abroad. The reagents are made from high-quality raw materials; the special wax cleaning system implemented on the production site. All this guarantees a high level of sample preparation and ensures the accuracy of diagnosis.

The participants’ interest was attracted by Histosafe histological and biopsy cassettes - the first Russian-made cassettes. They are produced in St. Petersburg and meet all international quality standards. Using of cassettes ensures that the material will not be deformed and lost during histological sample preparation. Histological and biopsy cassettes are the gold standard for autopsy research worldwide.

Biovitrum IT solution for pathology, the laboratory information system “LabForce”, was presented at the plenum. The demo module for histological studies allowed specialists to use a system work in practice at a scientific event.

LabForce has special software modules and is completely adapted to the needs of the pathology departments.  Other features of LabForce are the full tracking of the material and the ability to compare histological and cytological reports.

BioVitrum presented the mortuary equipment by the Tanartis brand.

The Tanartis brand produces products from stainless steel, such as grossing stations, cold chambers, lifting trolleys, autopsy tables and other equipment. The basic principle is an integrated approach to equipment, from the development of layouts and building plans, customization of products to installation and service. The Tanartis brand has dozens of ready-made solutions; the presence of the R&D allows developing new projects based on its technical requirements. Modern equipped manufacture produces units of any complexity and volume.

At the BioVitrum booth, the participants of the plenum had an opportunity to get consultations from the company specialists. The accumulated experience allows us to act as experts and increase the level of sample preparation in medical institutions all over the world.