The Russian government strengthens import substitution

The Government of the Russian Federation has expanded the list of products that are subject to the “extra third” rule from Decree No. 102 of February 5, 2015.

This new rule presupposes a refusal to purchase imported medical devices on the public procurement market if two suppliers with Russian products enter the tender. The rule also applies to market segments in which BioVitrum operates. In particular, microscopes - medical, biological and laboratory diagnostics. According to our estimates, this will affect only the low cost segment of diagnostic microscopes, which is about 5% of the market.

Today, Russian-made microscopes are much inferior in specification to the big four world leaders, and most likely, without localizing some of them, they will not be able to compete in more complex and high-tech segments.

According to unverified information, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is studying the issue of introducing the "second extra" rule in relation to medical equipment. This rule presupposes the refusal to purchase imported devices and products on the state order market in the event that at least one supplier with Russian products enters the tender.

So far, the department has not commented on the elaboration of the initiative, and has not provided clarification whether the "second" will replace the "third excess". One thing is clear - the course towards import substitution will be actively supported by the state.