BioVitrum’s Crew Wins Land Rover Cup 2010

On June 17, 2010 the sailing regatta Land Rover Cup 2010 took place as a part of the International Economic Forum in Saint-Petersburg.

The regatta was held in Malaya Nevka aquatorium and included two series. 60 yachtsmen and 12 yachts (class Santor 670 and Laser SB3) took part in the event.
Sunny weather and wind 7m/s served the racing. In spite of good conditions the competition was distinguished by heavy current and coast closeness. Second delays in any maneuver cost one or even more places. The participants sailed tight. Critical factors were technique and tactics.

The racing resulted in an impressive victory of BioVitrum’s crew consisting of Vladimir Tsimberg, Alexey Kolobanov, Dmitriy Dobrovolskiy, and Andrey Kudryashov. 

The second place was taken by the crew of Artyom Basalkin, International Master of Yacht Racing, Class 470. An honorable third place was given to the yacht of Alexander Ovsyannikov, Master of Yachting.
BioVitrum’s champions were awarded with Golden Medals, the Cup and 4.5 l of whisky of 12-years of age to celebrate the victory.