BioVitrum took part in the bacteriologists’ meeting in Ufa


BioVitrum took part in the meeting of bacteriologists in Ufa. The event was held at the City Clinical Hospital No. 21. The event was attended by more then three dozen specialists from bacteriological laboratories of the city.



Within the framework of the program, BioVitrum considered with the participants the standardization issues of the laboratory diagnostics process by using ready-culture microbiological media in Petri dishes of Sredoff company, Russia.

Sredoff produces agars using the best imported raw materials. The undeniable advantages of the company are strict quality control of each batch and availability of necessary product registration certificates. Production facilities localize in Russia and meet all technical requirements.

Sredoff organized a workshop on the ready-to-use microbiological media for the event participants. The specialists were able to evaluate the growth properties of the blood multicomponent microbiological media of Sredoff, including unique one with horse blood which has no analogues in Russia.

Bacteriologists of Ufa have improved their skills of working with ready-to-use chromogenic media for identification of Candida, as well as ready-culture chromogenic media for differentiation and preliminary determination of urinary tract infections strains.