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  • BioVitrum published a manual for technicians, entitled "Histotech's summary".

BioVitrum published a manual for technicians, entitled "Histotech's summary".

Professional community called “Histoclub” was established in Russian web more than a year ago and today makes its first steps in international web as well. Almost 500 histotechnicians and histologists share experience, read news about technologies and learn modern techniques of tissue treatment. During this time, hundreds of questions found their answers, hundreds of articles and notes were posted. Accumulated knowledge has been collected in a single short tutorial entitled "Histotech's summary."

It is a guide to histologic slide preparing methods using modern techniques and reagents. It describes all the stages of the process and gives detailed advice on all routine procedures. Particular attention is paid to a defect occurring at different stages of the work, their causes and correction methods. This book is for all specialists working with histologic specimen for detection, identification and prevention of artifacts, as well as for improving the quality of products