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  • BioVitrum participated in the largest exhibition in the MENA region - Arab Health 2018

BioVitrum participated in the largest exhibition in the MENA region - Arab Health 2018

BioVitrum started this year with active steps in the export policy development. The company took part in the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals in the MENA region. This event served as an excellent opportunity for the successful entry of BioVitrum into the Middle East healthcare market. More than 40 years Arab Health hosts the official delegations of health departments of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Iran, Iraq etc.

Arab Health 2018 was the largest exhibition in its history. More than 4,200 exhibiting companies and 103,000 visitors from over 150 countries took part in the event. At the exhibition were national pavilions of 40 countries. This year was the largest exposition of Russian companies (more than 50 participants). The cooperation with the countries of MENA region is a very important part of Russian foreign policy, especially in exporting of Russian technologies, equipment and medical products.

Arab Heath Congress 2018

Arab Health Congress 2018 was one of the largest multi-track medical conferences accredited to CME worldwide. It was attended by more than 8,000 delegates and 500 speakers from the region and around the world. The event agenda featured business, leadership and Continuing Medical Education (CME) conferences for healthcare professionals. With the aim of bridging the gap in medical knowledge, the congress provided the latest updates and insights into cutting edge procedures, techniques and skills.

Arab Health Congress 2018 also introduced 10 brand-new conference programs including Connected Care, Family Medicine, Obesity, Trauma & Acute Care Surgery, Respiratory Medicine, Pharmacotherapy and Dental, Anesthesia, Hypertension and Biomedical Engineering.

Among the specials guests of Arab Health 2018 were UAE Government representatives, the leaders of large enterprises in healthcare in MENA region:

- His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance and Industry;

- His Excellency Humaid Al Qutami, Chairman of Board and Director-General of Dubai Health Authority (DHA);

- Alungal Mohammed, President of Abeer Medical Group;

- Salah G. Malek. President, Middle East and Africa region at Getinge.

The Russian exposition opening ceremony was attended by General Consul of the Russian Federation in Dubai and the Northern Emirates - Gocha Boachidze, Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the UAE - Ara Melikyan and Managing Director on Non-Financial Support of the Russian Export Center - Konstantin Evstyukhin.


BioVitrum took part in the event as an exhibitor for the first time. Arab Health is the largest venue where was presented a full range of medical products and services. The exhibiting companies of Arab Health 2018 were leading suppliers and manufacturers of modern medical equipment and products of the new generation in medicine.

Among the guests of BioVitrum booth were physicians, representatives of healthcare facilities, distributors of products in the field of laboratory diagnostics and anatomical pathology, manufacturers of histology equipment and many others. The geography of visitors was great: the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the countries of Europe, China, India, Pakistan, as well as Australia, Cote d'Ivoire etc. 

At the BioVitrum booth was presented the exhibition model of the Tanartis cold chamber (manufactured by BioVitrum). Specialists of the MENA region highly appreciated the product quality and functionality. Cold chambers by Tanartis brand have easy mountable frameless construction, produced of sandwich panels with polyurethane foam filling. The clamp fastening joking types allows installing the chamber in a short time, without additional maintenance services. The insulation layer of the Tanartis cold chamber is 80 mm, instead of 50 mm of counterparts. Customization of BioVitrum products got a lot of positive reviews, this meets the high demands and individual needs of today's market. Especially for the demonstration on the Arab Health 2018, the company's specialists designed internal metal constructions for placing several types of trays simultaneously, which allowed showing a wide range of options for any customer needs. BioVitrum R&D department and high-tech production facilities realize projects of any complexity.



The guests of the BioVitrum booth showed a great interest to the island type grossing station specially designed for a one-time work of a doctor and a laboratory assistant "face to face".

The participants of the Arab Health 2018 took part in the workshop on the BioVitrum grossing station. At the demonstration visitors were able to immerse themselves in the pathologist work and evaluate the advantages of the grossing station while using the ePath macro system.

BioVitrum experts consulted on model features and modifications. The ergonomic design, the height adjustment system of the working surface and a fundamentally new illumination system had a lot of positive feedback from the exhibition participants, because these solutions provide comfortable conditions for doctor and meet all the requirements. The downdraft ventilation system for removing toxic air and air flap system prevent reagent vapors.

BioVitrum IT solution for grossing was also in focus of visitor’s interests. The grossing station was equipped with the company's own development - ePath. It is the macro imaging and grossing solution, with audio, video recording, and photo documentation. There was demonstrated an automatic laser calibration, which has no analogues in the world. Guests of BioVitrum exposition were also interested in marking and measuring during workflow which is possible using the built-in intuitive morphometry of the system. Compatibility of ePath  with DICOM, HL7 standards is one more advantage.

BioVitrum presented reagents and consumables for all stages of the histological process. Such extensive portfolio allows making a potential purchase of all necessary products from one manufacturer (supplier) at an affordable price

A particular interest was caused by the ready-to-use homogenized high-class paraffin media for histology - HISTOMIX® of BioVitrum own production, as well as a huge variety of its melting points. A wide range of reagents and kits for histology routine and special staining is available in different packaging options, which are extremely convenient in the daily practice of specialists.

At the BioVitrum booth were discussed the specific needs of doctors depending on the residence country (paraffin media with a higher melting point, the possibility of producing paraffin media in special packaging due to legislative aspects in terms of ecology and environmental protection, etc.). Specialists also discussed the possibilities for establishing long-term cooperation, and localization of consumables production on individual terms.



Participating in such major events, BioVitrum achieves its main goal - promotion of Russian products to the world healthcare market. Within the framework of Arab Health 2018, BioVitrum experts presented high-tech, competitive products of the Russian producer to the MENA region healthcare market. The exhibition was full of business meetings and subject talks with foreign colleagues, which allowed us to get the best experience from world manufacturers of medical products.