BioVitrum installs the first Revolution WD in Russia

On October 16, 2013 BioVitrum installed the first system of spinning-disk confocal microscopy Andor Revolution WD based on Nikon's inverted research microscope Eclipse Ti-E in Russia. The system was installed in the Department of Neuroscience of the "Kurchatov Institute" Research Center under the management of Konstantin Anokhin - neuroscientist, professor, and corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science and Medical Science.  The system will be used in research on deciphering the mechanisms of Thought, including the registration of thought processes in the brain of humans and animals. The innovative Revolution WD is an unsurpassed system which has the highest rate of imaging for large fields of view. Great picture quality can be obtained at any magnification and with any sample type. Revolution WD now becomes the main tool for imaging living cells in neurobiology, stem cell research, and embryology. The new design allows the scanner to get a 4 times larger field of view in the disk than other similar systems. The digital camera Andor Neo, which is part of the system, combines an extremely wide field of view, high-speed imaging and superior sensitivity due to the unique technology of vacuum cooling and matrix sCMOS.