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  • BioVitrum Installs New Equipment for Grand Opening of the Federal Scientific-Clinical Center of Children’s Haematology, Oncology and Immunology

BioVitrum Installs New Equipment for Grand Opening of the Federal Scientific-Clinical Center of Children’s Haematology, Oncology and Immunology

BioVitrum recently installed all new equipment in one of the biggest medical centers in Moscow. This is one of our biggest projects to date and it is a very important step for modernizing and innovating Russia’s healthcare centers.

The opening took place on June 1st and some of the many important officials who took part in the ceremony included Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Minister of Health and Social Development T. Golikova, Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin and the director of the centre A. Rumyantsev.

There were over a thousand visitors at this opening, among them some leading experts of Russia and abroad in the field of oncology, and BioVitrum's general director Vladimir Tsimberg.


At the ceremony Vladimir Putin expressed gratitude to partners and experts from the USA, France, and Germany who assisted in the creation of this center. The main contractor of the clinic, German company Tranzumed GmbH Meditsintehnik is partnered with BioVitrum in the sphere of advanced histology diagnostic equipment. According to Putin this center is now the largest and most technologically equipped children's centre in Europe.

Now at this center such advanced level of the pathoanatomical equipment has no equal in Russia. For the first time in Russia a histology laboratory uses almost full stage-by-stage automation of reception of the histological sample:

• Markings (printer for markings of subject glasses - Sakura AutoWrite® Slide Printer)

• Histological conducting (histoprocessor high-speed conducting - Tissue-Tek Xpress ™ Х50 Continuous Rapid Tissue Processor)

• Staining and embedding (device for staining and embedding preparations of film - Sakura Tissue-Tek Prisma Film ™)

• Instrument for immunohistological researches (Roche/Ventana Benchmark Ultra Immunostainer)


Such an advanced range of equipment allows the lab to reduce the time of the histological preparation analysis (with standard colorings) by several hours.

This is the first medical institution in Russia in which the principle of telemedicine by means of an Aperio telepathology scanning system will be fully used. The scanner completely automates the work of pathologists. It is connected with a global network and allows lab specialists to get access to a scanned image of a preparation from any point in the world.  It opens boundless possibilities of consultations and an exchange of experience with doctors of leading clinics around the world. 

BioVitrum also equipped the center with innovative microscopy equipment:

  • •  Nikon 90i research microscope with software for FISH analysis Lycia Cytogenetics
  • •  Nikon 80i research microscope with advisory nozzles and a system to document information
  • •  Nikon Е 200 diagnostic microscope
  • * Nikon Mi system of registration for macroimages.

Although the first patients of the centre will appear only on September 1st, the histology laboratory is already in use. It will be used for research and diagnostics not only for Moscow, but for all of Russia. This installation was a great success and BioVitrum is very proud to have been a part of this opening and to have helped raise the level of healthcare in Russia. Already today some patients are receiving fast and exact diagnostics at this center which in many cases will help to save lives.