BioVitrum held a seminar for bacteriologists in Novosibirsk

On the 4th of October, 2016 BioVitrum held a seminar for bacteriologists in Novosibirsk. Within the seminar were discussed the organizational issues for the bacteriological laboratories work.

The event was held at the Novosibirsk State Medical University and brought together about 50 specialists - microbiologists from medical institutions of the city. The goal themes of the seminar were the issues of modern bacteriological lab oratory equipment.

In the first part of the event were highlighted modern methods of diagnosis in the bacteriological laboratory using reagents of Thermo Fisher Scientific (Oxoid, Remel), as well as the use of ready-culture microbiological media of Sredoff (Russia). 

Lubov Revina, microbiology expert of BioVitrum, told the audience in detail about the production process of ready-culture media for microbiological research. Lubov emphasized the standardization process of the Sredoff culture media preparation (Russia), which is carried out in accordance with international quality standards and meets all modern requirements. There is a strict quality control for each batch of Sredoff products on the manufacturing. All production has the necessary registration certificates.

Special words were said about the partners of BioVitrum - Oxoid and TCS Bioscience, UK.

In the second part of the seminar was considered the equipment for automation bacteriological analysis processes and work with clinical specimens.

Lubov presented the complete list of bioMerieux equipment (France):



  • preparation and filling of culture media;
  • automatic bacterial inoculation;
  • automatic Gram staining;
  • hemoculture procedure;
  • identification and antibiotic sensitivity.