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  • BioVitrum entered the top 100 of Russia’s best innovative and hi-tech companies!

BioVitrum entered the top 100 of Russia’s best innovative and hi-tech companies!

December 28, 2012. The Association of Innovation Regions of Russia (AIRR) and Russian Hi-Tech Companies (RVK) announced the results of the rating firm “TechUspec”, in which the best Russian innovation companies were named.

These ratings have been compiled in Russia for the first time.  The basic purpose of “TechUspec” (rating company) is to make the best Russian technology companies known both in the domestic and international markets.

All companies which participated in the rating are suppliers of hi-tech products for the domestic market, and some of them have already entered into foreign markets.  As noted at the awards ceremony from the executive director of AIRR Ivan Bortnik, all companies which entered this list are the ascending stars not only of Russian, but also international business.  In his opinion it is necessary to speak as much as possible about these companies, because they are bringing money and investment into Russia, but more importantly, they are bringing new knowledge and ideas into the country.

The organizers of this rating emphasized that it didn’t see a problem with awarding these companies and giving them special esteem.  “TechUspec” said the naming of these companies was precisely in order to make these company brands better known.  To citizens, to the authorities, and to large corporations it is necessary to show the hi-tech small and average sized domestic companies, which have entered into the elite of Russian innovative business.  Experts are convinced that in the final analysis this recognition will contribute to the attraction of investment, the expansion of markets, and higher sales for these companies.

BioVitrum is proud of this accomplishment and looks forward to continued success!

Article (in Russian)