BioVitrum celebrated 15th anniversary!

In 2016 BioVitrum celebrated 15th anniversary. The company’s history began on 27th of July, 2001 in the maternity hospital №1 in St.Petersburg. Since 2006 active geographical development of the company has started — firstly by the opening representative office in Moscow.


Development of the company was fast and dynamic. Today BioVitrum is a large holding company consisting of 5 legal entities, 4 product lines, offices in all federal districts of Russia, 250 employees. The company's offices are concentrated in the large cities of Russia and Kazakhstan. 15 years of active work has made us a reliable representative of more than 40 leading manufacturers of diagnostic, research equipment and consumables. In 2015 the annual turnover of the company was 2 billion rubles.

In 2013, there was a significant breakthrough in the development of BioVitrum’s own metal production - laboratory furniture and stainless steel equipment for morgue. Today the company produces more than 1000 product units of metal and chemistry.

Currently, BioVitrum is also successfully implementing its own innovative developments and projects of nationwide level. Over the years, BioVitrum repeatedly became the finalist of the various nominations, awards and prizes (more than a dozen units). For example:


  • in 2012 - included in the Top 100 of the best Russian innovative high-tech companies;
  • in 2015 - received the highest award of the Russian Society of Pathologists for contribution to the public health development, innovation and support educational and research projects of the Russian Federation.

In addition the company's products have been included in the list of the National Health Ministry's Equipment and were a finalist of the contest "Best Product Innovation". BioVitrum is actively developing its foreign economic activity. This year, the company introduced its own technologies and developments on the international market.


2014 — 2016 BioVitrum regularly became a finalist of prestigious awards among employers in Russia, which marking the best projects and HR-practices.


For 15 years company has accumulated rich experience in sample preparation of materials. BioVitrum shares its knowledge providing educational and methodological activities: training courses and seminars, publication of a special methodical literature ("Histotech's summary", "Bulletin of histotechnologists").


The company has an active social life and charity, supports projects, organizes and carries out actions: charity events in hematology centers and scientific and educational institutions. For example, in 2014 were established the grants in the field of Biology by the Foundation for support of education and science (Alferov's foundation) and BioVitrum.



For 15 years of success and hard work for the employees was prepared a grand celebration on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, in the cozy halls of the restaurant MAJESTIC. The event had a huge success: fun contests, wonderful music and entertainment program. The magic atmosphere of comfort and solemnity, exquisite meals and, of course, the smiles and laughter of those present assured the success of the whole holiday. The bright and lively photos help us to keep such wonderful day in memory for a long time.



Vladimir Tsimberg, CEO of BioVitrum, congratulated the colleagues with the 15th anniversary at the opening ceremony. In his speech, he noted, how nice to meet holiday surrounded by estimable partners and colleagues, reliable employees. He also expressed his gratitude to all the staff of BioVitrum for valuable daily work, whose dedication inspires and affirms correctness of selected targets and ways of its realization.

В настоящее время «БиоВитрум» также успешно реализует свои собственные инновационные разработки и проекты общероссийского уровня. Собственное производство компании насчитывает более 1000 единиц производимой продукции. В 2015-м годовой оборот компании составил 2 млрд. рублей. 

За годы своей работы компания «БиоВитрум» неоднократно становилась финалистом различных номинаций, наград и премий (более десятка в арсенале компании). Так, например, в 2012 году компания «БиоВитрум» была включена в Топ-100 лучших российских инновационных высокотехнологичных компаний. В 2015 году «БиоВитрум» была получена высокая награда от Российского общества патологоанатомов (РОП) за вклад в развитие здравоохранения, инновационные разработки и поддержку образовательных и научных проектов РФ. Кроме того продукция компании была включена в перечень отечественного медицинского оборудования Минпромторга, а также стала финалистом конкурса «Лучший инновационный продукт».