BioVitrum became a finalist of "HR-brand" award

"HR-Brand" award is one of the most famous and prestigious awards among employers in Russia, involving the best HR projects. The main goal of “HR-Brand” award — to select, evaluate and promote the best HR-practices.

Today business has to find new ways to attract and retain employees. Methods and techniques of HR-branding help making better the company's reputation in the HR-market by attracting new talent staff.




Independent "HR-Brand" award received the unofficial "Oscar" status for HR-specialists, getting it is very prestigious in any of the nominations.

This year the award celebrated its 10th year anniversary! As a result of careful analysis the Expert Council members selected 50 finalists in the following nominations: "Region", "World", "Federation" and the "Northern Capital". The nominations were distributed according to the magnitude of the projects submitted by the companies.







BioVitrum became the finalist in the "World" nomination together with such large enterprises as the State Corporation "Rosatom", "Sberbank", "Euroset-Retail" and others.

Total in this nomination have been selected only 8 companies of all announced.

Project of BioVitrum — "Diagnostics, saving live" was also presented in the special nomination "Big Heart". For the nomination were chosen the socially oriented charity projects.






One of the main goal of HR-brand promotion has been achieved - BioVitrum is a community of high-level professionals who are ready to share their knowledge and experiences. 

"Diagnostics, saving live" is a large project of BioVitrum, with the main objective - the morphological diagnosis development in the Russian Federation, improving the diagnosis quality and the professional skills.

BioVitrum has created a business incubator, which allows to show and realize for each member of the staff his potential by new innovative projects creation. The company makes a positive atmosphere within the team, where each person understands the value and importance of his work for improving the quality of medicine in the country

Within the framework of the project BioVitrum brought to life more than 10 large investment-projects, organized and hold conferences for more than 1 800 specialists in Russia, attracted the international experience from industry leaders. BioVitrum published a manual for technicians in pathology. The company developed and implemented a grant program in conjunction with Alferov's Foundation. The main goal of the program is the education and science support. BioVitrum continues a popularization program of ​​the pathologist, histologist and histotechnician professions importance in the minds of the society.