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  • BioVitrum announced the winners of the Biology competitions among the young scientists, pupils and teachers, which were held together with Foundation for support of Education and Science (Alferov's Foundation).

BioVitrum announced the winners of the Biology competitions among the young scientists, pupils and teachers, which were held together with Foundation for support of Education and Science (Alferov's Foundation).

In 2014, for the first time in the history of the Foundation for support of Education and Science,  Nobel Prize laureate, Academician Zh.I. Alferov together with BioVitrum established grants in the Biology field.

Contests were held on the 3 directions: among young scientists, teachers and pupils. The purpose of grants was Biology science popularization among young people,
quality improvement of education and teachers competence. The scientific assessment of all works submitted for the contest was held by Prize Foundation Committee, consisting of leading scientists.

The winner of the competition among teachers of biology for the best educational approach in secondary school in the category: "After-hour and leisure activities in biology" was:

Isaeva Zhanna, Biology teacher in the secondary school № 10 in Murmansk region, Apatity. 

The award ceremony was in Apatity, it was attended by the Administration representatives of the Murmansk Region and the city of Apatity, directors of the city's schools, parents and pupils. BioVitrum established a special prize for the winner - 7 educational microscopes, which was equipped the biology class school №10.



"This award is the sign of a very high level of education in your region», - said at the ceremony СEO of «BioVitrum» Vladimir Tsimberg: «Biology is one of the most fundamental and promising sectors, which now comes to the fore. However, the science of the future is created not only by scientists, but also those who are still sitting at their desks. I hope that our gift will be a good basis to develop a curiosity and love of biology".





Zhanna Isaeva, the winner of the competition, said «For me it was one of the most important competitions in my life. I am glad that our guests are attended to Apatity and saw what can a teacher of small towns. Technique is wonderful!, it has a high-quality resolution, magnification: 20 - 25 times stronger than that can give our conventional microscopes. There is additional feature: a video camera. The resulting photographic and video images can be displayed on-line on the multimedia screen, save on your computer, put in the network and use in research. All this greatly increase the attractiveness of science in the pupils’ eyes». All participants were satisfied with the quality of the present. The competition was attended by over 20 teachers of biology from all over Russia




The winners of the contest in biology under the grant of the Foundation for support of education and science (Alferov's Foundation) and BioVitrum among pupils for the best research are:

1st place - Anastasia Demina, Chelyabinsk reg., Magnitogorsk. The work theme: «The use of organic iodine and selenium compounds for prevention of iodine deficiency among children».

2nd place – Maria Lavrova, Moscow. The work theme: «Narrow furrows of ligands as potential anticancer preparation

3rd place – Victoria Bazarova, Chita Region, Mogoytuysky district, village Tsagaan-Chelutay. The work theme: «The study results of elm leaves parasites».

3rd place - Anastasia Ionycheva, Kovrov, Vladimir region, Kovrov. The work theme: «The contamination level effect analysis on the indicators of modification leaf birch variability »

In the competition among pupils attended about 40 works from all over Russia.


The winner of the contest for young scientists for the best research in the field of Life Science, performed on NanoString equipment became: 





Shelkovnikova Tatiana, Research Associate at the Laboratory of modeling neurodegenerative processes IPAC RAS (Moscow region, Chernogolovka) for the work «Identification of mRNAs associated with neuronal degeneration and death in proteopathies caused by RNA-binding protein dysfunction”. 

Tatiana has received a cash prize, but, most important, the reagent kit (individual panel) and the ability to conduct the research on the NanoString equipment in Russian or European reference laboratory.






BioVitrum congratulates all the winners and wishes all tenders always look to the future and strive to develop, explore and learn about the world, the contribution of each person to the science development  is very important for all mankind.