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Marketing & Promotion


At BioVitrum we care about the sale. In the end that's what it's all about right? We are a distribution company which understands that only aggressive marketing and promotion can create the necessary environment for maximum sales.

What You Should Know About Russia's Market

The first thing that you should understand is that Russia's market is specific. You can't apply the same market forecasts or the same marketing strategy that has worked with your other global markets. Things to consider:

1. The Russian mentality, especially when it comes to business, is very specific and hard to understand for international suppliers. What works in China, the Middle East, or even Europe, won't necessarily work in Russia because the informational resources and infrastructure aren't as developed. In most economies the aim of companies is to beat the competition and gain market share. In Russia however, the primary goal is to develop the market. This is why marketing strategies need to be different and specific to Russia. The western model can't be applied here. Sometimes the Russian market is referred to as "The Black Hole" because of this lack of information and understanding. This is why you need a company like BioVitrum to advise you on the best way to be successful in Russia.

2. Regional specifics. Russia and CIS countries constitute 1/6 of all the land on Earth. And in between this great distance there are many different distinctive regions which need to be treated in very specific ways. What is the difference between marketing to Siberia, Moscow and Kazakhstan? This territory can't be dictated by one general strategy. Marketing here needs to be targeted independently and specifically to each region and only experience can accomplish this. Our marketing staff will explain this to you and show how our marketing targets these regions to efficiently maximize awareness.

3. It is underdeveloped. Understand that it's only been around 20 years since the end of the USSR and for much of the Russian healthcare industry this has not been long enough to update their systems and business models. There are two problems here:

  • Lack of Information. In many cases specialists in the healthcare industry have no exchange with western medical societies, conferences or professional schools and thus not much exposure to the latest medical technologies. As a result their research and diagnostics are usually based on outdated technology and tends to be very traditional. In addition they usually speak little or no English.
  • Lack of Funding. Make no mistake Russia has money to spend but since most specialists have no exposure to new technologies there hasn't been a huge demand for these new technologies and thus there hasn't been sufficient funding. Think of it like a circle. An underdeveloped and uninformed market remains poor and because it's poor the government doesn't want to fund it so it stays poor and uninformed. BioVitrum wants to break this circle by aggressively informing these markets of your products. This is the added value we provide. We don't just distribute your products, we inform, market, and promote your products to customers who don't even know they need them yet.

Why BioVitrum's Marketing Works

The simple answer to this question is that BioVitrum is aggressive. We understand it takes a lot of work to make a Russian change their traditional way of doing things. Through experience and trial & error we have created an aggressive marketing method which is specific for the Russian customer.

We utilize and provide a full market research facility

Our Marketing team along with our Telemarketing staff have the full ability to collect vital market information, analyze that information, and provide reports to you, the supplier. This work is done in connection with our Sales team in order to efficiently understand the market and use that information to maximize sales. This is why some of the leading medical suppliers have chosen us to distribute their products. This is why Sakura named us Distributor of the Year for 2008. But maybe most importantly for you, the supplier is that we treat every supplier as a unique, valued customer. How do we do this?

1. Our Distribution Service. We are a distribution company that knows how to market. With BioVitrum you get the full package. Expert distributors, expert marketers, and expert sellers. Our Marketing director works together with our Logistics director, Product managers, Research director, and finally the Sales staff to make sure at every step people are informed about your products. Our market research and forecasts are connected to our sales targets which are connected to our logistics timelines which are connected to our customer service. This is our distribution service. The full package.

2. Informational support. This is important for us. At BioVitrum we strive to communicate and provide the supplier with all necessary marketing information in a professional and timely manner. Through presentations, our website and brochures, official reports, and phone and email communication: information is always ready for you. As we always say, our main priority is making international suppliers feel comfortable about bringing their products to Russia and our perfected system of open and transparent informational support, delivered in English of course, will practically overwhelm you.

3. Cooperation. We understand that many companies have their own marketing strategy which they like to apply to all of their international markets, but as we said above, the Russian market is specific and needs a whole separate way of thinking in order to market and sell successfully. This is why we like to synchronize your marketing ideas with our marketing ideas, to take your marketing expertise and our marketing expertise, and create a specific, unique plan for Russia. You need a company which is experienced in advising international suppliers about the Russian market if you want to share in Russia's growth.

If a Market Is Underdeveloped, BioVitrum Develops It

This is important. Especially in Russia where many of the markets for your products are either virgin or underdeveloped it's necessary to start from the bottom and create the need and demand for your product. Through our product workshops and relationship with key opinion leaders we aim to inform customers about new technologies and equipment. It takes work, it takes time, it takes expertise, and this is what BioVitrum provides.

Again, we are a distribution company whose first goal is to market and sell a product. But that's not all we do:

  • We market and sell an idea.
  • We market and sell a need.
  • We market and sell a technology.

And after we have created sufficient demand for your product we go one step further to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing:

Customer supportTechnical supportApplication supportManagement support

This is the full scale of our marketing. Anything that can be done to maximize sales and repeat sales will be done. Getting your product to the largest possible customer base is what we do and we do it well.

And after we have created sufficient demand for your product we go one step further to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing:

  • Customer support
  • Technical support
  • Application support
  • Management support

This is the full scale of our marketing.  Anything that can be done to maximize sales and repeat sales will be done.  Getting your product to the largest possible customer base is what we do and we do it well. 

Our Strategy

Now we can't reveal all of our marketing tools here but once you form a relationship with us our Marketing staff will show you the full extent of our marketing activities and you will understand why our sales growth consistently outperforms industry standards year by year. Here are just some of the ways we will promote your product:

Establishing connections with Key Opinion Leaders. This is so important, especially in Russia, where the age-old proverb still reigns supreme: It's not what you know, it's who you know. Product Workshops and Exhibitions. We get our marketing materials out to the most relevant audience possible through its own product workshops, which serve to introduce and inform potential customers about the latest medical technologies, and exhibitions – you will know the BioVitrum stand when you see it. Web-promotion. We understand the power of this tool and our international and Russian websites are continually being updated with new information and offers. Brochures. Understand that in some regions of Russia web access is very limited (sometimes only 5%) and even in the main centers such as Moscow web access is not up to western standards. This is why our brochure campaign is so important. Telemarketing. Telemarketing is an integral and very successful part of our strategy. Click here to see why our telemarketing works.

The bottom line is this:

Russia's market is far from saturated and there are tremendous growth opportunities for you. But there are specifics you need to understand and in order to survive and prosper in the Russian market you need a company which can explain to you the specifics of doing business here and advise you on the best path to take in order to succeed.

Let BioVitrum be that company!

Logistics Network


Yes Russia is huge. Some might think too huge for a single distributor. But BioVitrum's logistics network is also huge. With over 750 companies and counting, BioVitrum covers all areas of Russia – East, West, North and South. And something else – we make it easy. We have a staff of professionals in our Logistics department whose only job is to successfully navigate the massive territory of Russia. When you work with us we will fully explain to you in clear English and in clear details the specific Russian processes of:

  • Product Registration
    - Yes your products will need to be registered with the Russian Federation in order to maximize sales and minimize legal hassles.  But we assist you in this process like we’ve assisted some of the top medical suppliers in the industry.  

  • Customs Clearance
    - The dreaded Russian customs.  Famous for its suspicion and seemingly never-ending bureaucracy.   But again, through experience we’ve created a method of ensuring your products will safely and legally make their way to the Russian market.  We are the experienced company you need to facilitate the customs procedure and get your products as quickly into Russia as possible. Click here to learn more about the customs procedure.

  • Delivery & Payment Timelines
    - You are always in the know about where your products are and, more importantly, where the money is!  Our logistics staff will offer you clear timelines about when, where, and how your products will get to the end-user and how the payments will be made.  Everything is transparent, open and according to schedule.  Of course sometimes unexpected situations will arise but that is why we only have real professionals in our Logistics department. Our employees really are the key to our success.
  • Legislation
    - Our full time in-house English speaking lawyer is an experienced and professional guide through the infamous legislative Russian bureaucracy.  All your legal questions (and we know there will be many!) will be answered in a timely and easily understood manner.

Don't let Russia's size frighten you...

See how BioVitrum makes Russia smaller!

Sales Team


At BioVitrum we understand that it all comes down to the sales staff making the sale.   

What Makes BioVitrum’s Sales Team Successful?

The answer is our commitment to employee training and growth.  We really can’t overstate how important it is for us to have a professional and articulate sales staff.  We always try to find the most qualified specialists on the market.  We actively recruit throughout Russia’s top universities and all of our sales team are university graduates.  We also have added Doctors to our team as well.  At the same time we actively grow our employees into qualified specialists. 

2 Words:  Growth and Development

Part of our sales strategy is concentrating on our sales staff growth and development.  We do this in two ways:

  • Product Training:  A strong background of knowledge gives our sales staff the best possible opportunity to inform potential customers about your product and as a result sales increase.   Our product training includes:

          - In-House Product Training Program

          - We always request to send our staff to suppliers facilities for direct training

          - Participation in Industry Events & Conferences

  • Integration into the professional life and community of the industry through news, periodicals, conferences, and personal relationships so their knowledge is always updated.  Our employees must always keep themselves informed about the latest industry trends, developments, and Key Opinion Leaders. 
  • Professional Skills Training:  We develop our sales staff in all areas of our business.  In addition to sales skills, we believe it’s vital for our team to have strong marketing skills, communication skills, and leadership skills.  We stimulate and encourage this learning because it builds professionalism.  As we said, we actively grow our employees into qualified specialists. 

Our Product Specialists Group

These are our professionals who are the core of our business here.  Think of them as your own personal employee here in Russia.  The only difference is that there isn’t all the legislation and costs involved.  Our product specialists are:

  • Individually trained to be experts in all aspects of bringing your product to the market.  From sales, to marketing, to technical support, the product specialists are in control of integrating your product into our sales strategy. 
  • In charge of communicating with you, the supplier, about the current situation of your product.  They will work very closely with you and our sales, marketing, and logistics departments to implement the best possible plan to maximize sales. 
  • Specifically devoted to your particular company and your particular product. 

Why Our Sales Continue to Grow

Our business is about growth.  When you form a relationship with us we will show you the numbers and you will want to know what accounts for our sales growth.  The answer to this is that BioVitrum and its employees, as well as the markets we serve, are getting Bigger, Better, and Smarter.

  • Bigger:  As our product line expands our sales team grows and thus our market grows.  Many of the markets we serve are either underdeveloped or in fact virgin so as we build up these markets through our aggressive marketing our customer base becomes larger and as a result our sales grow.  As we said sometimes if the demand for your product is not there we need to create the demand, and as customers get more demanding sales continue to grow.
  • Better:  Through experience our sales strategy has been improving every year.  The key to this strategy is staff development and inter-departmental cooperation and synthesis.  We are always revising and perfecting our strategy.  Whether we bring in outside consultants or make changes based on feedback from customers or suppliers, our strategy is always evolving and getting better and better.  Our workflow process has been tried and tested and our sales results prove that our system is successful.  The key is to be aggressive and not to stop until the sale is made and this is why our results continually outperform the competition.
  • Smarter:  Not only are we growing our employees into highly-trained professionals but as well we are growing and developing our customers.  By bringing our users up to modern day standards it causes them to be more demanding.  And when customers become more demanding it equals higher sales.  We’ve learned that the more support you give to potential customers, the better the chances they will return to your product.  Develop the customer and create the demand.  And we don’t stop after the first sale.  We provide technical, application, and management support to our customers which ensure that they will stay loyal to your product.  As our markets become better informed and demanding, sales of your product will increase.

In Russia, Good Help Is Hard to Find

If you ask our HR Director she will tell you how hard it is to find qualified and competent employees in Russia.  And due to Russia’s strict legislation it’s even harder to send your own employees here.  The level of professionalism in Russia is simply incomparable to that of Europe, America, or Asia. 

This is why staff development is so important for us

Through constant product training, immersion in the professional life of the industry, and professional skills training, we develop and grow our employees into qualified specialists. It’s not easy and sometimes it takes time to find the right people but we know that employees are the key to a successful business and when you work with us you will only be working with professionals.

Support System


This is a big part of our service because we know that a satisfied customer is a buying customer. Providing all aspects of support for our users is especially important in Russia.

The situation in Russia

Due to the geographic and informational isolation of many medical institutions change is hard to produce here. 60% to 70% of the medical equipment used in hospitals and laboratories is outdated and the means of research is still very conservative in nature. Selling new equipment is one thing, but making sure they know how to use it and are comfortable with your products is another thing.

We Don't Just "Plug In and Go"

With many distribution companies their application support consists of plugging in the equipment and hoping everything will be okay. You can never be confident with this method. Your products will probably sit unused in the laboratories collecting dust.

In Russia it's necessary to provide aggressive support on all levels. You need to be 100% sure that the users understand the instrument and the concept of the technology. In some cases this means starting with the absolute basics of the new equipment and helping them through the whole process of using your products. So after our sales staff have done their job and made the sale, our support staff steps in to ensure customer knowledge and satisfaction. We divide it into 4 areas:

Customer Support

Articulate and knowledgeable customer service is so important to build customer loyalty and we have an active customer service network in all of our branch offices.  They are the first line of problem solvers so we make sure they have comprehensive knowledge about your products.  They can help with any of the following situations:

  • All of the day-to-day questions and problems our users might have 
  • Questions or requests about the equipment, consumables, reagents etc.
  • Information about our inventory and pricing 
  • If any serious problems arise they can send in the technical support team

Our Customer Support is a 2-Way Street

Not only are they receiving information, problems, and feedback from the users but as well they are sending this information to you, the supplier.  We think it’s necessary that our suppliers are always aware and updated about customer problems, customer satisfaction, and how their products are performing.  This is part of our service to our suppliers.

Application Support

We believe in the proverb that if you see a hungry man, rather than give him a fish, teach him to fish.  It’s no use supplying a product to a new customer without teaching them how to use it also.  Sometimes this means starting at the very beginning by making sure they understand the concept of the new technology.  Our application support aims to:

  • Grow and develop our users in order to bring them to a new level of technological awareness.  In a sense this creates a new generation of users who will be interested in buying your products.
  • Integrate our user’s knowledge of new technologies with our sales team thereby maximizing our efforts and creating the best environment for further sales.  We are efficient with our application support and effective by using it to increase sales.

The Process:

When your equipment is delivered to a new user our application support team stays with them for at least a day working with them, teaching them, testing the equipment, gathering information about their needs, and making sure they are comfortable with the new instruments.  This information is then provided to our sales and marketing teams who now have valuable data about the level of understand and future needs of not only this user, but similar users as well.  This is what we mean when we say our aim is to bring a new generation of users to your products.

Technical Support

We know that sometimes serious problems will happen with new instruments and we know that if a user has to wait too long to get their problem fixed they won’t be too interested in staying a customer.  Our professional technicians are stationed throughout our territory in order to efficiently handle all problems that arise.  And most importantly we make sure they are experts in your products:

  • We always request that they be trained directly at our suppliers facilities
  • Our technicians always have a strong background in biomedical engineering

Management Support

Not only is it necessary to train the users of your products, but as well the people in charge of those users.  Management, maybe even more than the actual users, needs to understand the concept and possibilities of a new technology.  You can’t grow a new generation of users without also growing a new generation of management.  This is an area that many distribution companies neglect.  

Why Is This Important?

Put simply: New equipment requires a new management style.  Whenever we supply an institution with new equipment we know that it carries with it new modern concepts of cost effectiveness and quality control.  We know this, but sometimes laboratory managers don’t and as a result your products aren’t being used to their full advantage.  Old management styles are the main barrier to new technology.  We’ve found that if you train the staff and the management in these new technologies then awareness, use, and sales of your products will significantly increase.

Supplier Support

In all areas of our support:  Customer, Application, Technical, and Management the information we receive is always communicated to our suppliers.  As we said before our support service is a 2-way street.  It is important for us to always keep our suppliers informed about the situation of their products.  This is part of our distribution service.  Your comfort and understanding of the process of entering the Russian market is a top priority for us.  We even added the position of a native English speaking Foreign Relations Manager to assist with informational resources and communication with our international suppliers.  We have English speakers in every department to answer any and all questions you have and a consistent system of informational materials so you always have a clear understanding of what we do. 

We understand that first and foremost we are here to provide a service to you, the supplier, and it is our goal to be the best.  As our mission states:  We are here to make Russia easysmaller, and friendly for our international partners. 

Quality Management


Why we are successful? Why do suppliers prefer to work with us? It is because we provide a quality service which works. The reason our service is quality and the reason our business grows every year is because of our quality employees. It is the people of our company that make things happen, that solve all the problems, that create new ideas for growth, and that communicates our vision to you.

Our Quality Is Growing

Our quality management is an ongoing process. We are constantly studying, scrutinizing, and modifying the quality of our workflow in order to implement it into our service. This is what makes us stand above the competition. Suppliers choose us to be their trusted partner in Russia because of our commitment to improving our quality. This includes:

  • We attract the leading business consultant agencies
  • We standardize our quality through ERP business engineering
  • We use feedback from employees, customers, and suppliers to revise and study our workflow process in order to make it the best

Our Quality Management Is Part of Our Distribution Service

This is what we mean when we say we provide the whole package for our suppliers. We don't only distribute your products. Our quality management extends to our marketing activities, our support system, our logistics, our sales team, and our informational support. On all levels we are scrutinizing our activities in order to perfect them. As times and technology changes, so does our quality management and distribution service.

At BioVitrum we believe in having a common corporate culture of excellence, quality, and service. When you meet us you will understand why our mission is to make Russia easy, smaller, and friendly for you. It's because of our people that we're able to do this.

All of our employees are connected by these common principles:

  • Individual and highly professional approach to each customer and supplier
  • We make a study of the specific requirements and needs of our different suppliers in order to create the best possible offer and business environment for them
  • Open and respectful English communication with the international community
  • Consistent system of providing information.Our suppliers are always in the know!
  • Active engagement of all our employees and a devotion to the common cause – making the supplier feel comfortable about doing business in Russia!

Your goal is to grow your company. Our goal is to facilitate you in that process. Let BioVitrum be your reliable partner in Russia!


Important Information About Russia

Customs Clearance FAQ's

How does the process start?

At the beginning of our partnership we will sign a general distributor contract.  Next we will have to sign a separate customs contract.  This is a bi-lingual contract for internal Russian customs and bank purposes.  We will make this contract ourselves based on the terms we have negotiated with you and send it to you for approval and signature.

What’s the first thing I need to decide?

Choose the delivery terms (INCOTERMS2000):  Ex Works is normal and in general convenient for us; CPT is best.  Then you need to send us technical documentation, an invoice and a packing list for your products.

What is needed on the Invoice?

Name of the product, Qty, Price, Contract #, Delivery Terms, Commodity Code (if you have it), Any Special Remarks.  Remember to declare everything in all packages you send.

What should technical documentation consist of?

Technical documentation is usually a separate document you send which includes:  A picture, How it works – Manual Instructions, Composition (What it’s made of) - % of ingredients.  Note:  if the composition is a secret then only say what substance the composition is based on (water, metal etc.)  Remember to do this for every product you send.  Also, if you have a technical passport for your equipment that would make technical documentation much more efficient.

For liquids, powders, substances etc. we need a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).  If you need an example of what this is we can send you one. 

What is needed on the Packing List?

The type of packaging to be used, weight, dimensions, Qty, type of product, commodity code (if you have it).  This is used mostly for BioVitrum’s internal shipment purposes.

What other documents do I need to send?

Certificate of Origin:  an official certificate stating where this product comes from.  This can be obtained from your local Trade Chamber or similar organization.

Certificate of Qualityonly for chemicals, powders, substances etc.  The supplier can make this yourself.  It’s a certificate stating the substance has been put through and passed a laboratory quality control test. 

What if I don’t have a Commodity Code?

It’s ok we can obtain a commodity code for your products ourselves.  However we can tell you that Russia’s commodity code index is part of the internationally accepted standards so it’s possible for you to choose the code yourself if you want. 

How long does Customs clearance usually take?

If everything goes well without any problems it usually takes about 1 day for us to check the documents before the shipment.  Then depending on the size and complexity of the shipment, about 1-5 days for the products to clear Customs.

Product Registration Info

Documents BioVitrum needs in order to complete registration: 

  1. Extract from the Trade Register of your company with apostille.  Something showing that your company is officially registered in your country.
  2. ISO certificate (or related standard of your country) with apostille
  3. Letter from your company to BioVitrum authorizing us to register your product, preferably valid for 3 years, with apostille.  This can be written by the supplier.
  4. Declaration of conformity for all your products with apostille.  Something showing that your products conform to health standards required by your country.


Remember apostilles are needed on all international documents sent to Russia. 

Important:  these documents must come from the offices of the manufacturing country. 

NOTE:   We ask that you please email us these documents first without apostille so we can check and make sure they are acceptable.  After we confirm then you can officially send with apostille. 

Possible extra items that are needed to help with registration are (we will inform you if these are necessary):

  1. Instruction booklet or manual of the product.
  2. Photo of the product label (and package label if it’s different from the product label). 


Registration usually takes about 4 months if everything is in order.

Visa to Russia

When you have made plans to visit BioVitrum remember it is necessary to get a Russian visa. 

If you have a passport from the following countries no visa is required:  CIS countries, Turkey, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macau, Montenegro, Mozambique, Serbia, Thailand, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Iceland, Macedonia, Nicaragua, Peru, South Africa, Thailand, Uruguay, Venezuela, Brunei, and Hong Kong


  1. Send BioVitrum a scanned copy of your passport. 
  2. Get an official invitation from BioVitrum.  We will provide this to you via email.  You will be applying for a tourist visa.  This is standard practice we use for our partners.  It is the simplest way to visit Russia.  It will allow you to be here for up to 30 days.


3.  With this invitation, apply to the nearest Russian consulate in your country.  You can either go directly to the consulate yourself or use a travel agent.

4.  List of documents needed at the consulate:

  1. Invitation letter received from BioVitrum
  2. Valid passport with at least 6 months until expiration and at least two full blank pages.
  3. Two passport-size photos
  4. Russian visa application form (can be downloaded on the Russian consulate website)
  5. Travel documents (plane tickets and hotel confirmation) *We can assist you


Important Tips

  • Prices depend on the time needed to receive your visa – this can range between 1- 15 days.
  • If you plan on staying in Russia for more than 7 days you will need to get registration (usually through your hotel).
  • On the airplane to Russia you will receive a small white migration card.  Be sure to fill this out and keep it with you.  You will need it when you leave Russia.